Capturing Stunning Aerial Images with Drones

“Take off – take some pictures – that’s it, right?”

“I know a guy with a drone – he can do it”

Well, not quite!

Has he undergone a rigorous training programme? Has he produced and submitted an approved safety operations manual?
Has he passed industry standard examinations and a CAA flight test?
Does he have the appropriate level of insurance and hold Operational Authorisation for aerial work?

We do not expect our clients to be aware of all the legislation that govern the legal use of remotely piloted aircraft – that is our concern.  Suffice to say that there is a lot of it and we follow it to the letter. This gives our clients the reassurance that any operation we undertake on their behalf will be in accordance with current Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulations and will follow strict safety guidelines.

Aerial photograph of Brownhills

Creating images is our passion

Great cameras don’t make great pictures by themselves and certainly they don’t make great photographers. It’s the same with aerial photography. Having the latest UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) and the latest camera with all the bells and whistles will not guarantee fantastic images.

We have over 20 years of experience as professional photographers, so we know what makes a good image. We understand light, composition, how to make a shot work, how to follow client briefs, how to respond to changing conditions mid shoot.

Jaguar Cars, The Morgan Motor Company, The BBC, The Sunday Telegraph, ACO Industries, the NHS, are just some of our many commissions. Oh, and a Camel milking farm in Dubai !!

What is so exciting for us is that we can now get all of that experience and passion into the air!

Aerial view of Church Stretton Golf Course

We love clients!

And we love you to be involved in the process.  Don’t worry you wont have to fly the UAV yourself!
However, an essential element in any successful project is a clear understanding of what is required.
So, the initial stage is all about talking and establishing exactly what our clients want us to produce.
It might sound simple – and it is – but nonetheless, a vital part of the process.



Meticulous planning is crucial in every shoot that we undertake.

Long before we even arrive on site we will have conducted a pre-deployment survey and risk assessment.  We evaluate all manner of factors including airspace classification, meteorological analysis, terrain topography, public access/intervention and numerous others  – it’s a long list!

But, these procedures are legal requirements not optional choices.



Life is unpredictable, things do sometimes happen that are unforeseen.  In aviation we take every possible step to eliminate the unforeseen, we expect the unexpected; we evaluate risks and mitigate them to a safe level.  However, should an asteroid arrive mid shoot –  We’re covered! We have £5 million of Public Liability Insurance and £50K of equipment cover supplied by one of the leading UAV insurance companies.


Our drone services

*          Agriculture

*          Construction & Engineering

*          Corporate Marketing

*          Emergency Services

*          Golf Course

*          Insurance Assessments

*          Leisure Industry

*          Property

*          Search & Rescue

*          Security

*          Sporting Events

*          Surveying

*          Tourism

Aerial photograph of the dingle Shrewsbury

Pre-Deployment Survey

We are legally required by the Civil Aviation Authority to undertake a pre-deployment survey before accepting any instructions and conducting a flight. The survey involves gathering information about the location, any air space restrictions, other air user proximity, potential hazards, obtaining necessary permissions and a number of other factors. In the event that the flight proceeds and leads to the provision of photographs or video for a client, then no charge will apply for the pre-deployment survey. However, should the survey reveal issues that prevent the mission being conducted, then we will charge a fee of £75 for the time spent on the pre-deployment survey.

On-Site Survey

Similarly, we are legally bound to conduct an on-site survey prior to commencing a mission. In normal circumstances any ‘NO-GO’ issues will have been identified during the Pre Deployment Survey.  However, if circumstances at the location have changed to the extent that the mission cannot be completed in accordance with CAA guidelines, we will charge for the time spent on the survey and travel to the location.


Adverse weather conditions can affect the activity of RPAS operations. We cannot fly in the rain for example, or in high winds. Should the flight be postponed due to adverse weather but re-booked for another day, no charge will be incurred.

Aerial photograph of Taylor Wimpey Development Shrewsbury